Our Story

The story of SOMA began around 4 years ago in the Pyramids of Egypt; It was while I was meditating in the King’s Chamber in the Magnificent Giza Pyramid that I requested the Universe to reveal the purpose of my life to me, and shortly upon my return from Egypt my spiritual destiny was revealed to me during meditation, ‘Raise the vibration of humanity in its journey of TRANSCENDENCE’.
Crystals found me in the early 2019; but spiritually I know my love affair with crystals goes beyond our time, space, civilizations and galaxies. I have always been curious about Crystals for their high vibration spiritual energies; but when I discovered the concept of CRYSTAL ELIXIR dating back to the ancient Egyptian civilization that was my AHA moment - I knew how I am going to contribute in raising the vibration of humanity. And that was the birth of SOMA.
 While crystals are powerful metaphysical, multi-dimensional, mystical elements on their own, but when they are infused in water they transform our ordinary drinking water into an extraordinary Crystal Elixir (Even the Iconic Cleopatra used Crystal Elixirs for her daily wellness & beauty rituals in Ancient Egypt).
 SOMA Crystal Welixirs are your Wellness Elixirs which will help you tap into the High Vibration Energies of the crystals infused in our gorgeous SOMA water bottles to raise your own vibration! The signature spiritual and healing energies of the crystal get absorbed by the water and in turn by our bodies when we consume this Crystal Welixir.

Welcome to the world of SOMA; welcome to the world of High Vibration Wellness!