1. What is Crystal Welixir?

When Crystals are infused in regular drinking water, it infuses the water with its high vibration energies and spiritual healing properties too. This water is fondly called Crystal Elixir

2. How does a Crystal impact the water?

Crystals work in multiple ways with water; It changes the structure of the water and transforms unstructured water to structured water which is more bio-available to your cells. The high vibration energies of the respective crystal are absorbed by water raising the inherent vibration of the water which when consumed helps one raise the vibration of the human body. The spiritual energies of the crystal also get absorbed by the water and hence the human body on drinking such Crystal Elixir helping one with their self healing journey.

3. How do I actually use SOMA Water Bottles?

Soma water bottles can be used like any other water bottle. Just fill your bottle with filtered, pure water and drink from it! Always use room temperature water to fill your SOMA bottle. Do NOT put the Soma Welixir water bottle in the freezer as the crystal and the glass bottle can be damaged. SOMA Crystal Welixir bottles are exclusively intended for room temperature water and must NOT be used for cold or hot water.

 4. What is SOMA Bottle made of? 

SOMA bottles are made using 100% BPA Free Premium Borosilicate Glass. Our Bottle caps are made from 304 food grade stainless steel. Pure Authentic Crystal Stones are the crystals used inside the bottle. The size, shape and colour of each crystal will differ slightly. No two crystals will ever be the same, and each one is beautiful in its own way and has a rich vibration and legacy of a million years.

5. Can crystal infused water from SOMA Water Bottles be used to heal certain ailments?

As much as we sincerely believe in the spiritual energies and the healing properties of crystals, we at SOMA, DO NOT give you official medical advice/prescription as to which crystal can be used to treat any medical ailments. Nevertheless, we are more than delighted to suggest a SOMA Bottle that will help you through the challenges and transitions of life, as an alternative supplement to other medicinal therapies that one must seek from a qualified medical professional.

6. Is there any difference in regular drinking water and water from SOMA Bottles?

Yes. With SOMA water bottles you will consume high vibration water that has been infused with the crystal’s signature energetic blueprint. Whereas, the regular drinking water is usually the tap water or groundwater filtered at homes or bottled at plants.

7. Can I use Soap to clean the SOMA Water Bottles?

The SOMA bottle's glass body is safe for dishwashing purposes and gentle hand cleaning as well; you can use soap to cleanse your glass bottle and the top and bottom bottle lids. The steel mount on which the crystal is placed must be hand cleaned using ONLY normal running water after removing it completely from the bottle. Avoid cleansing your crystals with soap or soap water.

 8. How do I clean the Crystal wand?

We recommend that you gently cleanse your Crystal wand under the normal running tap water. In other ways, you can even clean your crystals with two of our favourite approaches i.e. exposing crystals to the full moon or soaking them in natural spring water!

 9. What kind of water should I use to fill my SOMA Water Bottle?

The SOMA water bottles can be filled with fresh filtered water at room temperature.

 10. Can I buy the Interchangeable crystal base?

We continuously aim to improve the bottle, which often entails modifications to the base and display area. Therefore, we are selling only the full bottle at this time and not the crystal wand as an independent unit.

11. What should I do if the Crystal or the SOMA Bottle gets damaged?

In case your Crystal gets damaged or chipped off minutely only from the edges, it is okay to continue the use as it won’t affect the efficacy of the bottle or crystal. However, if there is a major breakage of the crystal such as the crystal wand getting broken in two pieces, we suggest you discard its use and get a complete new one. In case any part of your SOMA glass bottle gets damaged or chips off we strongly recommend you NOT to continue using it in the interest of your personal safety.