Importance of Conscious Hydration

When the new decade began, on January 1, 2020, Twitter’s official account shared an inspiring message - drink water 


This year, in a press conference for UEFA Euro 2020, Cristiano Ronaldo, walked the talk as he removed two bottles of Coca - Cola from his table and raised the bottle of water affirming the exact same message - drink water



We have studied, believed and even experienced that water is life and this very element is the key to our survival. It is time that we started treating water with the respect it deserves for holding the secrets of life bearing. 

Our human bodies are made of 75% water and so it becomes absolutely essential for us to be conscious about keeping our physical body hydrated and nourished with this primal element for better wellbeing. 

Why should we focus on conscious hydration? 

  1. Hydrated body = Healthy body

The ever popular notion of having 8 glasses of water is the talk of the past, people are now conscious about not only the quantity of water they consume but also the quality of water they're drinking. A well hydrated body is healthy from inside out as Water does what it’s meant to - cleanse, rejuvenate and celebrate life. A common sign to check if your body is well hydrated or not - analyse the colour of your urine - dark yellow means you need more hydration, lighter / pale yellow means you’re hydrated.   


2.Hydration is a natural Detox solution 

Water is the answer to literally anything you can complain about in your body - 

Feeling constipated? Drink water; 

Acne? Drink water; 

Headache? Drink water; 

Tired? Drink water;

Heartburn? Drink water;

Acidity? Drink Water;

Thirsty? Drink water;

Hungry? Drink water first, then eat

If you’re bad at remembering that drinking water is important at regular intervals, start journaling or using tools that help you monitor your water intake. 

If the body can eliminate toxins naturally by drinking water, shouldn’t you be consciously drinking water in the right way

3.Water: Nature’s Best Elixir


Believe it or not, Water is one of the oldest elements on the planet, and this makes it nature’s best elixir in every way possible. Least we can do is be grateful for its existence and respect it’s potential to be not only a life-bearing element but also a life saving potion. 

It’s time to drink water, consciously.